Sunday, September 7, 2014

Awesome Earbuds Cozy!!!!!

I have been wanting to make these for about a year and never took the time to actually do it!!!  My intent was to have my earbuds not get all tangled up when I just throw them in my purse, and to NOT have to take the time to wind them up every time I use them and put them away (which is a babillion times a day!)  ... Anyway I finally knitted one, and crocheted one to see which I like the best.  And I noticed right away that it has an added BONUS!!!  I have really really really sensitive ears and when I have these earbuds in I hear every movement I make (which is a lot because I am very fidgety!!), but the yarn absorbs all the noise!!!  Now I can hear what I want to hear and not all my thumpings and bumpings!   

So here are my 2 Earbuds Cozies:

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