Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun at Nama's :)

Fun day with the 3 oldest grandkids!

I got out the old face paints and glitter paint and they had the best time ever!!!

Haylea painted up Jonathan (the WAY too wiggly and grabby brother):

Then Haylea and Sarah had fun painting my hands, my nails, and my arms up to my elbows! :D  I didn't get a picture because my phone was in my pocket and I was covered in paint & didn't want to get it all over my clothes or phone.  :)

I got out some paper for them to paint on and it kept them busy for hours!!  Here are some of their masterpieces:

 Uncle Chris made the girls some princess crowns to decorate
Here is Haylea Painting hers:
Sarah modeling the one she painted while being silly:

Jonathan was watching the birds in the back yard then knew I had my phone & wanted to see himself! Ha Ha Ha

I hope we get to do this again soon!  We all had a lot of fun!!!


Lynette said...

Aw, he's lost some of his baby look :} What neat fun day with Grandma! I am always confused - are people exaggerating when they say something entertained their kids for hours? Or how in the heck did you find something that actually entertained them for that long? i never seem to be able to get mine to focus for that long...tops 1.5 maybe!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Yeah, he's starting to look more grown up!
They were here for almost 6 hours and they probably painted for 4 hours, for REAL! And there were no fights over who gets what, they just kept painting more & more! :) They brought all their "Princess & Mans" (What they call their Disney Princesses & Princes) mini dolls & never even took them out of the bag, they ALWAYS play with them & rarely anything else!
I am getting more paint colors this weekend! They only had 4 colors & 5 glitters, imagine if they had like 24 or something! :)

Cat said...

Aww :) How cute! I never got to see the pictures of Jonny all painted up. lol :)

Cat said...

And Lynette, I haven't ever been able to keep them entertained for hours... I guess only Nama is that awesome! :D