Thursday, September 10, 2009

A GREAT article on Christian Education!!

I found this GREAT article on a blog I stumbled upon.

Before I give the link, I want to say a few things.  :)

First of all, this is written to CHRISTIANS, if you are not a Christian, it does not apply to you! :)

There are a lot of links to articles to read.  I am a VERY SLOW reader and I read EVERY SINGLE article.  It took me less than an hour.  Your children and their education and future are definitely worth it!

Lest you think some of the articles and examples are far out, or only extreme cases, think again!  My husband is a public high school teacher.  I can tell you story after story that would say otherwise, and that's just experiences from ONE teacher at ONE school.   :)

Get out your KJV Bible & look at the verses they give. Pray for an open mind and begin to go through the articles.  This is SERIOUS people of God!!  We cannot afford to keep ignoring what is going on and think our kids are ok!! I've seen too many casualties to think otherwise!!   I am sharing this out of compassion and love for my fellow Christian families.  Please, take the time to read these articles if you are Christian and have children in the Public School System, or know of somebody that is/does!!

My husband and I pulled our only son out of 1st grade and homeschooled from then till graduation.  We homeschooled our only daughter all the way through.  ...  Was it easy? not always.  Was it fun? not always.  Was it trying? not always.  Was it satisfying? not always.  Was it worth it?  ALWAYS!!!!!!  I praise God He put "radical" people in my path to "shake me up" a little & make me think! :)  I praise God that my 2 children are serving our Lord and not lost to the world!

Ok before this is so long you don't want to take the time to read the articles, here's the link to the blog with the article links:

And for my disclaimer:  I did not look at each site entirely, select links, etc. I just read the article.  I do not 100% agree with every word in every article, but I will say that I do agree with most of their points. :)

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