Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Rest of the Story! LOL

Our Trip back “home” was 11 days long, only 2 of the days were spent doing “Amish things” lol So now on to the rest of our vacation!! :D We had intended to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania & visit Hershey Park & all that, but we simply ran out of time! BUMMER! But, we will make extra time for that next time we go to Lancaster, I HOPE anyway!

SOOOO….. Overnight Stop #2 was my dh’s mom’s house in Temperance, MI. We were there 3 nights, the first time.

Then on to Overnight Stop #3: my younger Sisters house in Grand Blanc, MI. We were there 2 nights.

Back to dh’s mom’s house for 2 more nights.

Overnight Stop #4 was my dh’s granny in Jefferson City, Tennessee! We were there 2 nights.

In between our overnight folkies, we had many other visits to fit in and we missed a LOT of people. A Family Reunion, or wedding for each side of the family would be PERFECT! LOL That way you get to see everyone at once instead of wearing yourself out going place to place. We put almost 3,000 miles on our truck in just 11 days, a LOT of driving around!! (it’s 1,200 round trip straight there & back) It was REALLY good to be home and out of the truck! It’s ALWAYS so good to see everyone, but ALWAYS soooooooo good to come back home!!

A couple of fun things we did while we were at my sisters:

We went to Great Lakes Crossing (HUGE mall). They have a place inside the mall for the children it’s called “Jeepers” and it has FUN stuff like a roller coaster! Bumper cars! Himalaya (smaller version & it goes backward too!) and other smaller kiddie rides, and games to play. You pay for the kids & 1 adult gets to ride with a paying child! FUN FUN FUN!! LOL

Same mall had the Rain Forest Café restaurant & we ate supper there. Jerry’s birthday was a couple weeks away so we had them bring out the volcano cake & sing “Happy Birthday” for him! They had him stand up on his chair while they sang & it was just hysterical!! I wish I had video’d it, but I took a couple pictures instead. BUMMER!! LOL And of course, we got matching tee-shirts from there! LOL … On the way home (back to my sister’s house) from the mall a Money Storm happened in our truck!! Uncle Jerry kept throwing Dollar Bills to the back for my nieces! They had a blast! It was for them to start their own Lemonade stand. My sister told them they (my nieces) had to come up with ½ and they (my sister & her dh) would pay ½ and they kept spending all their money and not saving! LOL So Uncle Jerry told them this was for their business. J

My oldest niece, Avery-7, wanted to learn how to knit, so I taught her. She learned so quickly! All she wanted to do was knit! LOL Ella-5 didn’t have the patience but had fun playing with the yarn! LOL Wonder how Avery is doing with her little blue square! J

We had a GREAT time hanging out with my sister & her hubby & my 2 nieces! 2 days really isn’t enough!

The morning we were leaving to go back to dh’s mom’s house in Temperance, my step dad came over to see us for a while. It was good seeing him again because it has been over 5 years since seeing him. He brought me the bestest surprise!!! My mom’s Bible! (she passed away in 1998) I had asked him for it several years ago when he was trying to divide stuff out & get rid of some of her stuff, but he wasn’t ready to part with it yet and then he brought it to me out of the blue! Woo Hoo! I was so excited & all choked up at the same time. It’s so special to me to have her Bible that she read and marked and hi-lited and made notes. It was fun to see her cute little bookmarks & stuff & I still have it all in there where she left it. J I’d MUCH rather have my mom still alive, though. Since that’s not the case, it is comforting and special to have her Bible.

The day after we went back to Jerry’s moms, we went to Cedar Point. It’s an amusement park in Sandusky Ohio, that is actually world famous for it’s roller coasters! It was FUN FUN FUN!!! Some of them I don’t like! WAY WAY WAY too fast and jerky! One of them, called the Raptor, was so crazy I came off and almost fell over because I was so dis-oriented I didn’t know which way was up! LOL Disney will be TAME compared to those rides! LOL

Here’s a little montage of pics from our trip!

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