Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What has gotten into me?!?

I guess working out is giving me energy? I don't know, but I have been very motivated to get stuff done in the mornings this week! I have been very productive. One secret is to NOT get into personal e-mails and blogs, etc until AFTER my morning routine is done! I might "sneak" a little peek into twitter (like today! he he) for a quick hello, but I don't allow myself to get sucked in, then my day is gone.

Here is my morning routine:

* Make bed
* Take out braid & fix hair
* Come Downstairs & swish & swipe ½ bath
* Drink Mineral Water
* Make Smoothie or Juice
* Start any laundry if needed
* Unload/Reload the dishwasher

** Jerry Leaves for Work **

* Get dinner in the slow cooker (If I'm cooking that night)
* Clean up cooking mess
* Prayer & Bible Study time
* Reboot Laundry
* Check, Google Checkout, and Paypal for Ministry Orders
* Check e-mails
* Cleaning Schedule
* Exercise ... Drink 1 QT water!!!
* Swish & Swipe Master Bathroom
* Shower/Hair/Makeup

** Do anything on To Do List **


My stuff on my today's Cleaning Schedule/To Do List was:
* Mop the Kitchen Floor
* Clean the Master Bathtub
* Take the trash dumpster up from the curb after they pick up the trash
* Search online for waterbeds

NOT on my To Do List today, but did anyway:
* made a screen/filter for the bathtub faucet (it kept getting black metal gunkies and I don't want that in my hair!!!)
* since I had out the screen I put in 2 new screens in the workout/weight room that have needed it since last summer. :) PLUS cleaned the windows inside & out since I had it all open and all. :)

I did all this (except waterbed search) by 2PM Then settled into my computer chair and took care of some e-mails and comments, etc. Searched for some waterbeds till my SuperDuperHubby came home.

Well, I'm going to be reading some more blogs, I'm about to be caught up! Woot!! LOL


Cat said...

Ummmmm... if you have any energy left over after all of this is done, I could make a whole day out of you coming to my house and cleaning for me! :D hahaha I could have a list put together with little check-off boxes and everything... and if you don't do all of them... you can't eat dinner......... LOL!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Well now, it depends on what's for dinner AND if it includes another of that AWESOME cherry Pie that Chris DEVOURED!!!!! :D