Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Workout Poem! LOL

Feet of lead
Foggy head
Legs of jello
Lungs that bellow
Braid goes flipping
Sweat starts dripping
Legs are pumping
Music is jumping
Spirit is soaring
Thunder starts roaring

This is my workout today! LOL It is rainy, cloudy & thundering. The pollen is REALLY on my nerves!!! It has my head all foggy and I did NOT want to get on that treadmill, but I did!!! 1.5 minutes into my program, my mp3 player decided to give up the ghost again, so I had to stop and get another one, then get re-started! LOL But I made it!! I pushed through, huffin’ & puffin’ and I made it to he end! LOL Please, somebody get me a Mountain Dew or Coke! :p LOL


littypod said...

Good job!!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Thank you Littypod! :)

Guest said...

well 2 days later I brought you a coke! :D haha

Shannon L Fowler said...

And Thank you for the Coke!  :)