Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is here!! :)

I was reading my Bible this afternoon when I kept hearing this digging sound outside my living room window. I look out to see a squirrel digging and burying something by the playset out there. lol I quickly got my camera to shoot some video!! He was done digging, but was so cute, I got 2 short videos of him. (well, I guess it could be a she?? don't know so I'll call it a him! he he)

This one he does this cool flippy thing that I've only seen bunnies do! lol


This one has a cute little mourning dove pecking in what used to be a sandbox.

The birds are just singing away out there (as can be heard in the videos)! Some are chasing eachother, yep it's spring! LOL

The grass was freshly mown and all the little birdies came out to nibble, and gather goodies for nest making, they were so cute! I saw a few cardinals, robins, blue jays, sparrows, & mourning doves. Oh and a cat must have been looking for lunch because he jumped the fence and prowled around for a bit before he decided to jump back out & look elsewhere!

Just thought I'd share a little North Carolina Spring with you!

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