Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday!! :)

I guess I took a blog break!! LOL I have been so busy trying to play catch-up I didn't even get a chance to blog in several days.

We had a GREAT weekend in Florida! 3 Gospel shows for the weekend. 1 in Tarboro, NC and 2 in Florida (Callahan and Lakeland). Many children and adults came forward to receive Jesus!! Woo Hoo!!!!!! It's worth all the driving for that!

My newly found part of the show is the sound lady! he he I have all the music and sound effects for our shows and I hook up my laptop to the Church system and run the sounds for our shows. It is working out GREAT!! Now I'm on a mission to find some more fun sounds to go with different parts of the shows and any jokes, etc. FUN FUN FUN!!! This takes a load off the fellas' minds because they don't have to worry about it, I have it covered! Roll

We had snow in Raleigh while we were in Florida! There's a little bit on the ground still. Mostly patches where the sun doesn't hit.

While we were driving to our last event on Monday, we stopped off in Daytona Beach for lunch and to stretch out a bit. Well, it happens to be Bike Week there! TONS AND TONS of bikers EVERYWHERE!!! It was neat to see "Christian Bikers" They had jackets with Christian Emblems on them. "Riding for the Son" "Christian Motorcycle something", I forget, but it was neat to them see among such scarey characters! LOL

We went into a couple stores looking for some Florida Tee Shirts (since my dhJerry has this obsession with matching! LOL), and it was icky!! One store said "Christian gift and tee-shirts" so we walk in, we are greeted by a shirt that says something about a a**hole, I ask Jerry "What does THAT have to do with Christianity (pointing to offending shirt)??" Did we get a clue and walk away? No, it was a "Christian gift and tee-shirts" store, so we went in. Looking around, it was all obscene language and graphic images! A GIANT towel hanging down with a naked woman on it, I mean total boobage and all, YUCK! so we walk out & Jerry & I turn around to look at the sign again to see WHAT ON EARTH KIND OF CHRISTIAN STORE IS THAT!!!??? Well the sign said "Christiana's gift and tee-shirts" !! Oh my goodness!! LOL I think we were both jet-lagged! LOL

We did have fun riding the ski-lift over the pier on the ocean. None of the pictures of Jerry & I came out very good, but I'll include 1 anyway! LOL & one of the water. Do I look TERRIFIED to you?? I WAS!!!! I don't like heights, I don't like dangling over the ocean with who knows what in there if that cable breaks!!

Notice, we are the ONLY ones on that ride! It was COLD and windy.

I missed a lot of beautiful scenery because I had my nose buried in my laptop on the road. I got behind on my Chronological Bible Reading and wanted to get caught up. I nearly did it!! Only 3 days + today & that's it! (I got REALLY behind, a day here and there & it added up!!) By tomorrow or Friday I will be caught up totally & will stay on track!!! WHEW!!!

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