Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Barefootin' Time!!

The weather has been nice and warm lately here in Raleigh, NC. Today I decided to keep the socks off and go barefoot!! I noticed how much I neglected my feet over the winter. Boy do my feet need some pampering!! Um, can you say ALLIGATOR! LOL My skin is dry and crackly, and my toenails have been trimmed back to nothing (so they can be more comfy in my shoes!). Yes, I'd say I need to treat my feet to some TLC!! I think I'll fill a plastic tub with some hot sudsy water & get my pedicure stuff ready & get my feets purdy & protect dhJerry's legs and the sheets while I sleep barefoot! lol Yeah, they are THAT bad!! Blushy

Think I'll grab a book & go soak my feet now.

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