Thursday, February 12, 2009

Purse Stuff!!!

One of my blog buddies did this & as embarrassing as it is I decided to join in!!! Her name is Shannon too!! (Private blog)

So, here is my 8.5 # MONSTER Purse!!!

Stuff inside:

I didn't "Pre-Organize" it is usually like that, I like to know where my stuff is so I don't have to dig around!! :D

Stuff Spread out:

What IS all that??
Left to right: Blue circle is mints, pink square is a mirror, pens, ear buds, flashlight pen, liquid bandage, hair stuff, watch, lip gloss, lip balm, cell phone, blue tooth ear piece, clown whistle (he he he), Atomic Fire Balls, dental pick thing, red thing is Ipod knockoff. ... above that stuff is the case with Q-tips, & more hair stuff. ... my camera case ... 2 cloth bags for groceries, my pile of books (White Christmas Pie - Amish novel, 7 Keys to Christian Success - dh Jerry wrote), pocket calendar, shopping list, pen and hair claw clip ... under that is bag of organic candy he he he, Pouch containing: Stevia, Keys, MP3 player (yeah, I realize there's 2, but the red one doesn't always work, but it has my Audio Bible on it!!! MP3 doesn't have enough memory for Bible), AlkaSeltzer Plus cold medicine (just in case lol), glasses & sun glasses case, money & license pouch ... Clear pouch contents: lotion I made, Jergens Lotion, hand sanitizer, pink container has ibuproffin, kleenex, manicure kit, female item :) , tape measrue, eye drops, water spritzer with lavendar for emergency hair fix! , folding scissors, lib balm, 2 combs, bandaids, yet more hair stuff ... black makeup case with my makeup ... below that is my wrist brace (for if I need it when my wrist decides to ache :( Thankfully it's not very often!)

So, come join me, nobody's could be more embarrassing than mine!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Is the kitchen sink in there? lol!!

Thank you for playing along!


Shannon L. Fowler said...

LOL I'm sure I could figure out how to get one in there! That bag is HUGE!!

I'm hoping others will join us! :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing!!! Wow, you're prepared for just about anything, it sounds like!!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

LOL Yeah, just about anything! :)