Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Dear!!!

Well, that should be Deer! We saw 38 Deer on the side of Interstate 95 travelling from Hilliard, FL to St. George SC on Sunday night!! We saw 6 on that same stretch on Saturday night. I'm sure there were WAY more, but my eyes were closed and dhJerry couldn't drive and spot them as well as I could. :-)

We had 2 Gospel Shows this weekend that took us on the road! 1st one was in Kinston, NC on Saturday night. We left from there & travelled about 1/2 way to our next destination, we stayed in St. George, SC. Sunday night we had a show in Hilliard, FL. Left from there & went back to St. George overnight. Back home Monday. The shows went GREAT!!! Many children came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior!! Praise God!!

I think I have jetlag. Can you get jetlag from a car!? LOL It was a lot of driving for Jerry, but it wore me out! LOL Plus add the fact that I don't sleep in a hotel very well.

Well, time to go shopping, I'm about to get left behind! That's my quick update!
Hope to get to that video tomorrow!!! :-D

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