Friday, February 20, 2009

Monkey Wrench

I like tools, but not this one!! Monkey Wrenches thrown into my plans are not good for me! LOL

I had my morning all planned out in my head. Light Bulb Maybe that was my first mistake! But I woke up BEFORE 7am with my mind IMMEDIATELY engaged! This does not happen with me! LOL

I had these plans for my video on making your own all purpose cleaner and re-usable cleaning wipes. Ideas were filling my head so I got up & got busy with my morning stuff & finished my routine before my normal starting time! LOL

BUT!!! That crazy monkey threw TWO of his wrenches into my day!!!

Wrench #1: Our water has icky black junk coming out of the faucets. I thought it smelled funny when I washed my hands this morning. Then I went to rinse out the bathtub to get ready to do my hair, and YUCK!! So I checked other faucets & Yep, black junk. Sickened

Well, anyway, I haven't gotten in the shower yet and I am NOT going on camera for the world to see when I haven't gotten myself presentable! Hi-ya!

Wrench #2: My computer is acting up and I need to get my anti-virus running correctly. Smashy

Sooooooo... I may not be able to get that video done until after the weekend. Our weekend is too fullJuggling AND I prefer to make a video when dhJerry is at work during the day.

Hope everyone has a BLESSED weekend!!! And may you not have any monkeys visit you with wrenches! Monkey Wave


Ellie said...

Hope your weekend ended well!!! I had a few monkeys visit as well. All ended ok though.

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Thank you Ellie! :D The weekend went GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

That was cute about monkey wrenches! Very cute!

I hope you get that black stuff fixed! YUCK!


Shannon L. Fowler said...

Thanks Shannon!

The icky black stuff is gone. I ended up having to let the water run for about 25 minutes to flush it out. The water still smells funny though. ::big eyes::