Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flax Crackers - PICTURES!!

I made the Flax Crackers & some are finally done!!! (some are still in the dehydrator)
We wanted to try them so badly, we kept taking little pieces off and eating them while they were in the dehydrator! LOL Here is what they look like plain:
Flax Crackers

Here is what they look like with the Pate on them:
Crackers with Pate

They are DELICIOUS!!! They are Nutritious!!!!! VERY loaded with Omega 3, 6, & 9!! Not to mention FIBER! LOL

I have never liked cooking in my life! Maybe because I had to do it a LOT growing up while my mom was at work & I would have to come home from school to an empty house, and start dinner for my family. Anyway, lately I have been excited to be in the kitchen making these fun new recipes!! It started on the last day of our 21 day fast. I was watching a DVD "Raw Food Made Easy" and I kept getting excited about every recipe she was making!! Then I started making stuff the next day & I keep making more! LOL Right now I have sourdough starter going, and I will get the bread mixed up to soak and rise overnight & it will be ready to put in the oven in the morning. Whole Wheat Sourdough bread with totally natural leaven, how cool!!!! I'm even going to make some cinnamon rolls with a portion of the bread dough! (Got that from another video!) ... Jerry said he's glad I'm so excited about cooking! LOL Told you I have never liked cooking!

So, here's the video recipe for the Flax Crackers:

**Disclaimer** I do not endorse the people I linked to on this post, or embrace their spiritual beliefs. I am simply sharing info that is beneficial to your physical health. Spiritually, I cannot endorse a LOT of Raw Foodists, as many are too New Age for me! I can glean from their nutritional knowledge and leave the rest "on the table" so to speak. I am still searching for some good solid CHRISTIAN Raw Foodists so I can share links that aren't new agey or other religions! I thought I should share the sources so I don't get in trouble with the authors :) ... Just wanted to add that! :D

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