Thursday, February 26, 2009

FINALLY!! My All Purpose Cleaner!!

I FINALLY had the opportunity to get this made today! It *only* took me 11 tries and it's not perfect, (sorry, I don't know how to edit videos yet and didn't want to bother my son! he he he) but here is the video on how to make your own All Purpose Cleaner and re-usable wipes!!!

(In case the video box doesn't show up: )

As promised, here is the link to Michelle's Blog on how to do the Swish N Swipe to keep your bathroom always company ready! What a GREAT video she did!! She shows her morning routine. She's so cheery & you'll love watching her!! Don't you love those animals on her kitchen cupboards!?

For my swish N swipe, I actually wipe down the tank and the lid, everything but the bottom of the toilet (that gets cleaned on bathroom cleaning day or when it needs it).

Ok, here's the reccipe:

All-Purpose Glass, Counter and Bathroom Cleaner:

2 cup rubbing alcohol
1 cup ammonia
1 tsp dish washing liquid (we use Dawn)
10 cups of warm water

Combine ingredients in a large gallon jug. Decant some into a spray bottle. Label the bottle as "All-Purpose" cleaner. Spray mixture on windows, countertops, stoves, mirrors, etc., and wipe away.

(This recipe taken from is an excellent site for safe make your own cleaners, and homemaking tips.

You want to make sure you label your containers to say "All Purpose Cleaner" so everyone knows it is a cleaner. :) Also, be careful around kids, it's ammonia and rubbing alcohol!

This cleaner does not streak, and works EXCELLENT!!! It also doubles as a bug killer! Which I LOVE!! Because I do NOT like ANY kind of bug!!!

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