Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Sourdough Flop! LOL

Yesterday I let my starter sit all day to warm up & rise up, but it never really did anything. I went ahead and made the dough to let it rise overnight. I kinda figured it wouldn't rise up. I was right. I even added a little dough enhancer and let the bread pans sit on a heating pad (on low) all night. They didn't poof at all!!! So, silly me decides to put them in the oven anyway. They are done. but they are flat. I'm done messing with sourdough for a while. I threw away the starter and will maybe try again in the summer, not sure. LOL I saved a bit of the starter when it was very active the first time I used it, so i have some of the stuff I bought online. :) My husband suggested it. He's so smart! :)

Picture of my flop:

I cut into one to see if it was baked thoroughly. It's kind of doughy still, just like my previous ones. :(

Don't worry, I didn't put the bread on a cutting board that had meat on it. :) I don't eat meat and wouldn't cut it on a wooden one anyway. :)

Soooooo..... I have this AWESOME recipe for a HUGE PUFFY loaf that has turned out EVERY TIME I made it & it is for my Zojirushi Auto Bread Bakery. I have the flour soaking in the water and vinegar right now. I will finish the loaf in the morning when it has finished soaking. I almost can't wait! he he

Plans for today:
Get Ministry orders filled and mailed out.
Get the rest of the Ministry CD recorded that I started yesterday.
Business phone calls
Vacuum the Living Room
Spaghetti for dinner (sauce is already in the slow cooker! YUM)
Spend time with my family! (Monday & Thursday ddCathy & her family come over for dinner) :)


Joseph and Christina said...

Yum - do you have the receipe for the Zojirushi bread? Thanks!!

Shannon L. Fowler said...


The link for the recipe can be found in this post: