Monday, January 26, 2009

At work with hubby :)

I came to work with Jerry today. He is a teacher and today is a teacher work day (no students). He wanted me to come, so here I am! he he he We get to go eat at one of our favorite lunch spots: Bali Hi (I don't know if that is spelled right), it is a Chinese Mongolian Restaurant. You pile the ingredients for a stir-fry into a bowl and stack it as high as you can. Some people have BIG towers! LOL They stir-fry it on a HUGE flat grill with all these oils & seasons and it is YUMMY!!!! As long as the person in front of you didn't get HOT HOT HOT spices! This has happened to me and my mouth and stomach almost caugt fire! LOL (I do NOT like/can't handle spicey hot stuff.) You see they line up everyones food and move it around the grill so you end up getting the flavor of the persons in front of you. I have learned to let Jerry go in front of me, because he can handle the heat! LOL

I made my sourdough bread this morning. After the smoke alarm went off TWICE at 6:30 AM, what a wake-up call, huh!? LOL The oven was a *little* dirty :) & I had to pre-heat it at 460 to make the bread, which made LOTS of smoke and set off the smoke alarm! But I got all the gunk out and everything worked out, no fire trucks had to show up! LOL The bread looks good, and smells good. I didn't get a chance to get pictures, but even if I did I couldn't link them here right now because Photobucket (and almost everything else) is blocked on the school network. :( Maybe I'll get a picture when we get home if Chris doesn't devour it while we are gone! ::Big eyes:: <--smiley central won't work, & I have to make it fun! LOL I also have dinner already done, I have vegetarian chili in the slow cooker! Yummy!!

Hopefully I can get caught up on the rest of my blog reading today!! Then I will be finishing up making my Chronological Bible Reading Chart because February 1st is coming quickly!! Oh, and I decided on 3 months, not 4. That is still relaxed reading for me, yet not drawn out :) I also have to finish making my 2010 booking calendar for A1Fun. Gotta be prepared well in advance for bookings! Hope to accomplish that all before we leave for the day at 4.

Have a Blessed day in the Lord Jesus!!

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