Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday in a Week of Feminine Dress

Hello! Last day in a week of Feminine Dress. That doesn't mean my dress style will change, this is my lifestyle & has been for the last 2 years (in August). Anyone that thinks you can't live your life as usual in skirts or dresses just hasn't tried it, OR they are wearing skirts or dresses that are too short or tight to move about in. :) That's my opinion anyway.

So, here's my Sunday Pictures:

Just before changing because July is no turtleneck weather! LOL I wear a turtleneck with this shirt because I don't like the gaping neckline so that's my solution. :) .... Oh yeah, That's the newly painted Dining Room!! Just need a few wall decorations & it's done! Yippee!!

After changing to cooler clothes and bunning my hair. MUCH better! :)

Have a Blessed Day in the Lord Jesus!!

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