Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Have a BLESSED, Happy, and Safe Thanksgiving!! 

God Bless you,

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hello! It's been a while since I posted on this blog! :)

I am currently updating daily on a different blog!

Come see what I'm up to over at Clean Simmer:

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Have a Happy, Safe, and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Top 10 Verses for Thanksgiving:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Daily Bible BookMarks in Google Calendar!!

Ever want to read  the entire Bible in a year?  Well you can now!!  I have completed a Google Calendar with the daily reading plan to read the entire Old Testament 1 time, the entire New Testament 2 times, and the Psalms & Proverbs 2 times in a year.

Each day your calendar will display 3 entries:  1 for Old Testament, 1 for New Testament, 1 for Psalm or Proverbs.

Click for Calendar:  -->

Here are suggestions for using the Bookmarks: 

* CLICK:  -->   to Listen to FREE Audio Bible online - it can read daily to you (or you can buy Bible CD's & listen)  For Dramatized Bible:

* Read in this order every day: Old Testament, New Testament, then read the Psalm or Proverb.

* You could break up your reading (Example: Old Testament in the morning and the rest in the afternoon)

* Try to schedule a consistent time to read every day. A habit takes 21 days to develop. Push yourself hard at first.

* You could read aloud with your family or group.

* CLICK  -->  to Download FREE E-Sword Bible Software for excellent Bible Study Tools to help you.

* Follow this plan every year to learn God's will. God will show you new and exciting things every time you read.

* If you start the program in the middle of the year or miss too many days, just start on the reading for the correct date.

* Try to never miss. This is minimum reading. You could study a particular book, topic, or character. Have Fun!

We welcome you to an exciting new world of Bible reading that will truly change your life. This plan is very exciting and uplifting and anyone can follow it. The Holy Bible is the total and complete written word of God. It is the best-selling book in the history of the world. It contains God's wonderful plan for your life. The Bible is above every person's opinion, including the opinion of Pastors, Evangelists, and "religious experts." When Christians neglect the Bible, they can get easily persuaded by false teachings. Many read a little Bible here, a little there, but never read the whole thing. Others, read the same verses repeatedly. They neglect the rest of the Bible and live out of balance. That is why we have developed this plan.

We want you to learn God's COMPLETE will for your life so you can have victory.

Here are some great facts about the Bible: 

* It is the best-selling book in the history of the world. It contains God's wonderful plan for your life.

* At least 44 different people wrote it, without a single contradiction. Most of the people never even met each other.

 * Throughout history, many great people have set out to prove it wrong only to get converted to its excellent teachings.

* It is the ONLY book in history to tell the past, present and future without ever being proved wrong on a single issue.

* It is alive. It is sharper than any two-edged sword. It is the Bread of Life. It is Living Water.

* It is Milk for Spiritual Infants. It is Meat for Men. It is the Light of God in a dark world. It is the Star of Hope.

* It is the Sword of the Spirit (armor’s only Offensive weapon). It is the Standard for our conduct. It is the Will of God.

* It Divides truth from error and the saved from the lost. Every demon in hell trembles when you quote it.

* It is the Compass for our Soul and the Road Map for our life.

* Its message is stronger than drugs, disease, sickness, poverty, greed, lust, and anything else someone faces.

 * The Bible has 66 books, 1189 chapters and approximately 30,130 verses.

Old Testament = 39 books 929 chapters * New Testament = 27 books 260 chapters

Why read the King James Version - KJV?

BIBLE = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

We chose to use the King James Bible Version for its accuracy and timeless beauty.  God’s word is His will for your life.  Many modern versions that are supposed to be “easier” to read, have changed God’s words completely.  They have taken out complete verses, partial verses, and have entirely changed many of God’s original meanings.

We feel the most important thing about God’s word is accuracy.  Why would it matter if a modern version is “easier to read” if it is completely inaccurate?  We recommended reading a KJV Bible with Read along Translations built in.  After reading it a while, you will discover the poetic beauty and the Bible promises that God has for your life.  The more you read, the easier it will get.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Awesome Earbuds Cozy!!!!!

I have been wanting to make these for about a year and never took the time to actually do it!!!  My intent was to have my earbuds not get all tangled up when I just throw them in my purse, and to NOT have to take the time to wind them up every time I use them and put them away (which is a babillion times a day!)  ... Anyway I finally knitted one, and crocheted one to see which I like the best.  And I noticed right away that it has an added BONUS!!!  I have really really really sensitive ears and when I have these earbuds in I hear every movement I make (which is a lot because I am very fidgety!!), but the yarn absorbs all the noise!!!  Now I can hear what I want to hear and not all my thumpings and bumpings!   

So here are my 2 Earbuds Cozies: